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  • Brightside’s Horsebox Hire (BHH) is in the business of transporting equine livestock and equestrian equipment throughout the UK.  All business conducted by BHH is transacted subject to the terms and conditions set out below which will be deemed to be incorporated in and to be a conditions of any agreement between BHH and its clients. No agent or employee of BHH has the authority to alter or vary these conditions.

  • The word "client" in these conditions means the person or firm at whose request BHH has agreed to arrange the carriage of horses/goods whether or not such person or firm is the owner or consignor of the horses/goods.

  • Cancellation of a confirmed booking must be communicated directly to BHH no less than 48 hours prior to 09:00 hours on the agreed pick up date.  At BHH’s discretion the full  booking price will be payable where less than 24 hours notice is given.

  • BHH reserves absolute discretion as to the means route and procedure to be followed in the handling, storage and transportation of the horse(s) / goods. Further if in the opinion of BHH it is at any stage necessary or desirable to depart from the planned means route or procedure BHH shall be at liberty to do so without incurring any liability whatsoever.

  • If it is or becomes necessary to board the horse(s) before delivery to the final destination or where owing to circumstances beyond the control of BHH there is delay in forwarding the horse(s) or until payment of any sum due in respect of such horse(s) is received the cost of such board and expenses incidental thereto including any necessary medicine or veterinary treatment shall be payable by the client without prejudice to BHH's rights against any other person.

  • All price quotes are given on the basis of immediate acceptance and are subject to the right of withdrawal or revision by BHH at any time thereafter. Any increase in cost, whether insurance or freight charges, shall be passed on to the client at BHH’s discretion.

  • The client shall be deemed to be bound by and to warrant the accuracy of all descriptions values and other particulars provided to BHH for customs, consular and other purposes and the client undertakes to indemnify BHH against all losses damages expenses and fines arising from any inaccuracy or omission howsoever arising.

  • The client warrants that he is either the owner of the horse(s) or goods consigned or is the authorized agent of such owner and accepts these conditions for himself and for those for whom he is acting. BHH shall not be bound to recognise any title to the horse(s) in any person other than the client. Should BHH however receive evidence which in its absolute discretion BHH may deem sufficient to establish title in any person other than the client BHH may if it desires act upon such evidence, but shall not incur any liability to the client or to any other person by reason of so acting.

  • All duties taxes imposts or levy’s of any kind applied by the authorities at any port or place for or in connection with the horse(s) / goods and any payments fines expenses loss or damage incurred or sustained by BHH in connection therewith and any expenses properly incurred in relation to any horse(s) after arrival at the port of destination before delivery to the consignee are payable by the client

  • Any instructions given to BHH may in the absolute discretion of BHH be complied with by BHH itself by its own servants performing part or all of the relevant services or by BHH employing or instructing or entrusting the horse(s) / goods to others on such conditions as such others may stipulate to perform part or all of the services.

  • No insurance will be procured by BHH on the horse(s)/good(s) consigned.  Clients are advised to procure their own  insurance for the entire journey and for all goods and horse’s being transported.  BHH accepts no liability for any failure of the client to procure sufficient insurance.

  • Any damage caused to the transporter vehicle by the horse(s) whilst loading/unloading or whilst in transit shall be payable by the client to undertake and carryout the necessary repairs upon agreement of repair costs between BHH and the Client

  • Horse’s and goods are accepted by BHH at the sole risk of the client and BHH its servants and agents shall be under no liability in contract tort or otherwise for the death illness escape of or injury to any horse(s) and damage to any goods howsoever occurring nor for any loss or damage suffered by the client or anyone claiming through him by reason of anything done or omitted to be done by BHH its servants or agents in connection with such horse(s) or goods nor shall BHH be under any liability for any delay or consequential loss or loss of value however caused.

  • When collection or delivery of the horse(s) takes place, BHH shall not be under any obligation to provide any equipment, plant, power or labour required for the loading or unloading at such premises;

  • BHH shall not be required to provide service beyond the usual place of collection or the Destination but if any such service is given by BHH it shall be at the sole risk of the client who shall indemnify and hold harmless BHH against all claims and demands whatever which could not have been made if such service had not been given.

  • BHH and its employees will take all reasonable precautions; however, in the event of an accident the client is personally liable for their horse(s) and any goods consigned, in the event of injury or damage sustained to or by the horse(s) or goods consigned. Any damage to the vehicle must be paid for and the owner will be liable to cover the cost of any repairs

  • BHH shall be discharged from all liabilities:

  • For loss of or from a package or an unpacked consignment or for damage deviation or mis-delivery (however caused) unless notice be received in writing within (5) five working days after the end of the transit where the transit ends in the British Isles or within (10) ten working days after the end of the transit where the transit ends at any place outside the British Isles.

  • For loss or non-delivery of the whole of a consignment or any separate horse(s) / goods forming part of the consignment (however caused) unless notice be received in writing within 28 days of the date when the horse(s) / goods should have been delivered.

  • If the client or any employee servant or agent or other person authorised by the client travels by transport arranged or provided by BHH or its agents BHH is under no liability to him or his representatives for the loss of life personal injury or delay of or loss or damage or delay to his property however caused or for any loss however arising.

  • Although every effort is made to provide food and water the horse(s) while in transit. 

  • BHH is under no obligation or liability beyond those imposed by the laws of England and Wales to feed and water the horse(s) during transit. BHH will however arrange the feeding and watering of the horse(s) at the expense of the client if in the opinion of BHH it is reasonable to do so without incurring liability for any consequences thereof.

  • BHH reserves the right to seek veterinary treatment for any horse(s) being transported; any treatment will be at the expense of the client.  In such event, all effort will be made to contact the client to authorise treatment, however, the interests of the horse(s) will be paramount in such circumstances. 

  • BHH also reserves the right to authorise the euthanasia of any horse(s) where the attending veterinary surgeon deems such action as necessary on humane grounds.

  • The horse(s) and goods delivered to BHH shall be held by it subject to a lien not only for BHH's charges in respect of the particular horse(s) or goods but also for any general balance of account due from the client. In the event of any charges or other monies due from the client to BHH not being duly paid BHH may in its absolute discretion at any time while the horse(s) is in its possession custody or control after giving such notice as may be practicable sell or otherwise dispose of the horse(s) and out of the proceeds arising from the sale or other disposition thereof retain all sums due and owing to BHH from the client at the time of the receipt by BHH of such proceeds or thereafter accruing together with the costs charges and expenses incurred by BHH in the disposal of the horse(s) and / or goods and this condition shall be without prejudice to the right of BHH to recover from the client any monies including such costs charges and expenses that may be due to .

  • In addition to and without prejudice to the foregoing conditions the client undertakes that he shall in any event indemnify BHH against all liabilities suffered or incurred by BHH arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with the client's instructions or their implementation or the horse(s)/goods and in particular the client shall indemnify BHH in respect of any liability it may be under to any servant agent or subcontractor or any haulier carrier warehouseman or other person whatsoever at any time involved with the horse(s) / goods arising out of any claim made directly or indirectly against any such party by the client or by any sender consignee or owner of the horse(s) / goods or by any person interested in the horse(s) / goods or by any other person whatsoever.

  • All monies owed to BHH are payable on demand. BHH reserves the right to charge interest on any account which remains unpaid for 30 days or more such interest to be calculated on a daily basis commencing 30 days after the date of any invoice rendered by BHH at the rate of 10% per annum.

  • Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions is governed by the laws of England and any dispute shall be finally resolved by the English courts.

  • Any damage caused to the transporter vehicle by the horse(s) whilst loading/unloading or whilst in transit shall be payable by the client to undertake and carryout the necessary repairs upon agreement of repair costs between BHH and the Client.




All clients will be asked to read, agree and sign a copy of the Terms of Business before transport can be carried out.


All horses and ponies must travel with their passports how ever short the journey - This is a legal requirement.


It is advised the appropriate insurance is taken out by the owner on any horse or pony who is to travel - BHH will NOT insure your horse for accident, injury and liability.





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