The Box


Purpose built 3.5t 2009 Vauxall Movano. Built in 2015 by professional box builders, GDR Horseboxes. Neat and compact and able to accommodate horses up to 17.2hh. Horses travel facing backward and are monitored throughout their journey via the CCTV system. Horse safety and comfort is paramount so our new box has be fitted with the latest technology to accomodate this. This includes safety cell stalls, quick release breast bar mechanism, horse safe internal and rear doors and seperate horse/day living.

Horse safe internal and rear doors


Every eventuality has been thought through to eliminate or reduce the risk of potential injury during transport. If for any reason it is not possible to unload using the ramp then both the internal and rear door are 3 foot wide in order to allow a horse to exit through the back.


Air Circulation System

Ensuring your horse or pony has a stress free and comfortable journey is paramount. Many find it tiring keeping balanced and can get hot and sticky even on the shortest of trips. The upgraded air circulation system ensures a constant flow of air throughout the box. The system can be manually set to extract or filter in cool air keeping your horse or pony at a comfortable temperature.


Quick release breast bar mechanism

The breast bar is set at such a height to discourage any horse or pony from breaching, however if the situation were to arise, a quick release safety mechanism has been fitted. This ensures the rapid release of the animal. The mechanism can be operated both internally and externally




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