Why I love Horses.......

From the day my mother took me to my first riding lesson, age 6, at the local Riding School I was hooked! At 11 I was introduced to a cheeky little pony called Missy, a 12.2hh Sec B aged just 4. Looking back she was barely broken and was quite a handful. Not that it put me off, instead my passion grew. Little Missy was quickly outgrown and it so happened my next door neighbour was looking for a jockey for her 14'2hh pure Arab, Chestnut Mare, Shear. Shear and I spent 5 very happy years together, attending local shows and hacking out with friends often exploring the countryside (and getting lost) during the long hazy summer days.

Amanda Smith

Originally from Hemel Hempstead I moved to the North East in 2008. I have worked within the equestrian industry intermittently for a number of years and have a genuine love and passion for horses. I am the very proud owner of Lucy (pictured) aka Mrs Brightside, a 16'1hh Thoroughbred.

Lucy and I love to event and also take part in individual competitions.


Having always begged, borrowed and hired tranport myself to get to events and having the desire to always become my own boss, setting up Equine transport services has been at the forefront of my mind for a number of years.


Finally in a position to do so in 2013 Brightside's Horsebox Hire was established.



At 18 I made the move onto horses. I cared for, loaned and rode for friends until 2011 when along came Lucy. Unsettled, mareish and imature Lucy was a challange. A pleasure to own she is a one in a million, my horse of a life time!



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